Graphene/Silicon Diode for 2D Heterostructure Electrical Failure Protection

This work proposes a protection design using a Graphene/Silicon Schottky diode as the protective device, which helps to improve the endurance for unwanted fluctuations in operating voltage of 2D heterostructure-based devices.

Numerous applications are associated with Graphene/Si structure, such as broadband photodetection, interconnects, and sensing, to name a few. However, the time-dependent instabilities demand special considerations. This work extends our scientific curiosity to a different perspective on exploiting charge dynamics in the Gr/Si Schottky diode and proposes a protection design for 2D material-based devices. Two-dimensional materials-based devices are susceptible to electrical stress and prone to damage due to unexpected input surges, overvoltage threats, and transient fluctuation. Hence, a strategy is required to fabricate a robust enough device or to design a safe protection route that allows excessive currents while limiting currents through delicate devices within safe operational ranges. The work proposed and demonstrated a protection scheme by employing a Graphene/Silicon Schottky diode as the protective device. Our results revealed that Gr/Si Schottky diode handles a large portion of the initial surge current, significantly increasing the durability and lifetime of 2D material-based heterostructures. For a broader future perspective, this work can extend and propose a protection scheme based on material-specific structures to enhance the lifetime of 2D materials-based devices by providing an appropriate testing environment foundation and suitable circuitry for incoming On-chip integrated circuits.

Published in: IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society, ( Volume: 10),Page(s): 970 - 975,

Date of Publication: 14 October 2022

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