Graphene charge-injection photodetectors

We report graphene charge-injection photodetectors. The devices have a deep-depletion silicon well for charge integration, single-layer graphene for non-destructive direct readout and multilayer graphene for infrared photocharge injection.
Graphene charge-injection photodetectors

In this Article, we report graphene charge-injection (GCI) photodetectors that combine the charge integration feature of CCD and the independent pixel structure of CMOS. The photodetector consists of a deep-depletion SiO2/Si well sandwiched between single-layer graphene (SLG) on top of the structure (for direct field-effect readout) and multilayer graphene (MLG) at the bottom (for broadband charge injection).  Combined with tunable responsivity, which can be used as the weight, the GCI can be potentially used to build neuromorphic networks. The combination of charge injection, integration and direct independent readout in each pixel could be used to make new imaging devices with applications in various fields.

Nature Electronics volume 5pages 281–288 (2022)

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