How can I preview my post?

You’ve written and uploaded a draft post to the community, but how you can tell if the formatting is correct or if that image displays properly?

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Here’s how to see exactly what your post will look before hitting Publish.

Save your content by clicking Save Draft, bottom right below the date.

This will take you to My Posts – a list of all your community posts, both published and saved. Draft posts have a yellow Draft to the right of the title.

You can also navigate to My Posts by clicking on your avatar and selecting from the drop down menu, if you wanted to come back later to view or edit.  

To the right of each listed post there’s a square box with three dots in, click on it.

There are three options: View, Edit and Delete.

View lets you view the post, but if it’s a draft post this will preview the post so you can see what it will look like once published in the community.   

Edit takes you back into the post so you can make any necessary changes. And Delete will remove the post, including those already published.

That’s it, easy. But don’t worry if you spot something you want to change after your post has published, you can always go back in to edit at any time following the instructions above.

Ruth Milne

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature