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High efficiency green InP quantum dot light-emitting diodes by balancing electron and hole mobility

Upon modifying cadmium-free InP quantum dot emitting layer by passivation with 1,4-butanediamine and zinc iodide, we successfully decrease electron mobility and enhances the hole transport in the InP QLED. As a result of optimizing the electrons and hole injection, it leads to green 545 nm InP QLED with a maximum quantum efficiency (EQE) of 16.3% and a current efficiency of 57.5 cd/A.
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Sep 17, 2021

The identification of handedness for single carbon nanotubes becomes possible by scientists from Peking University in China

In the past three decades, various optical spectroscopic techniques have been demonstrated to identify the chiral indices (n, m) of carbon nanotubes unequivocally even at the single-tube level. However, the accurate characterization of the handedness via optical spectroscopy has been unrealizable for single nanotubes. Here, we developed the Rayleigh scattering circular dichroism to fulfil the dream of complete structure identification of both chiral indices and handedness for single nanotubes.
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Aug 13, 2021