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High efficiency green InP quantum dot light-emitting diodes by balancing electron and hole mobility

Upon modifying cadmium-free InP quantum dot emitting layer by passivation with 1,4-butanediamine and zinc iodide, we successfully decrease electron mobility and enhances the hole transport in the InP QLED. As a result of optimizing the electrons and hole injection, it leads to green 545 nm InP QLED with a maximum quantum efficiency (EQE) of 16.3% and a current efficiency of 57.5 cd/A.
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Sep 17, 2021

Thermally-activated quasiparticles in hydrous Fe-bearing geomaterials: a possible route to design new functional materials

Amphiboles are amazing minerals existing in a wide range of temperature and pressure and accommodating a diversity of elements in their structure. These compounds can be potential functional materials because they exhibit strongly anisotropic properties stemming from their structural anisotropy.
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Jun 06, 2021